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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Starting Over... Day 4

Today’s entry is late. That seems to be the story of my life, I’m late for everything. I’ve been thinking all day about what I would write about and here’s what I came up with…

When I woke up this morning, I was disgusted with myself. My night last night did not end well. My dinner plans were derailed when I couldn’t get the vinegar I wanted to make sushi rice. You see, I found a fabulous recipe for black sesame crusted salmon and wanted to serve rice and a raw asparagus salad on the side. When those plans were scrapped, I spent the night grazing on Memorial Day leftovers then topped it off with a salad and a few lemon poppy seed muffins. 1666 calories total for the day and I felt like I had failed before I really got started. I jumped on the scale first thing this morning knowing that my mini binge had caused me to gain. I was surprised to find that I actually stayed the same. So here is where I am now…

Open RNY Gastric Bypass: 10/22/2002
Highest Weight: 356
Weight at Surgery: 306
Lowest Weight: 156
Highest Recorded Weight Gain: 238
Weight on 05/29/2011: 224
Weight on 05/30/2011: 221.8
Weight on 05/31/2011: 221.4
Weight on 06/01/2011:  219.8
Weight on 06/02/2011:  219.8

Since I’ve been thinking about this all idea, I had an idea. This is actually my normal eating pattern, not very hungry one day, starving the next. So the answer is to eat consistently. Don’t hate me because I have always cringed when I’d hear other people say it but… some days I forget to eat. I don’t get hungry and at 11:00 I’ll realize my egg scramble is still sitting there. Lunch is at 12:00 or so. The trick is going to be to put myself on an eating schedule and forcing myself to eat. I’ve done it before and it really does work. It takes a few days but I can only guess it normalizes my metabolism. After about a week, I’ll start getting hungry again, and at fairly regular intervals. And that’s where the problem starts. If I’m hungry, I eat, and more often than not I eat too much. How do I control that? Or better yet, how do I keep what little control I have now and build on it? If anyone has the answer, please shout it from the rooftops. One of the first changes I’m going to make is in my daily goals. My calorie goal of 1200, while quite achievable, is too low for me for the moment. I’m going to adjust it to 1301 as recommended by WebMD and lower my Protein goal to 80 grams per day. I’m not going to change the Total Carbs or Sugars just yet.  

WebMD                      Personal                    Actual
Calories:          1301                           1301                        1666 (Not happy)
Protein:            46 grams                    100 grams                 109 grams (Now that’s what I’m talking about)
Total Carbs:    130 grams                  50 grams                    133 grams (Holy crap!)
Sugars:              25 grams              20 grams                      29.3 grams (Ok, wasn’t expecting that.                                                                                                          Stupid banana)

While I’m still a bit disappointed in myself, I have a better understanding of my eating habits and am aware that a change needs to be made. Awareness is the first step towards change… or something like that.

Stay tuned for the next weigh-in, just a few hours away.


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