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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Starting Over... Days 5 and 6

Yes, I’m a slacker. Well if feels that way sometimes. Thursday and Friday were good days. I was able to keep somewhat of a schedule and learned that late at night is my worst time for grazing or even binging. I average 3-5 hours of sleep most nights which means I’m up and fighting the urge to eat something for 20 hours a day. Breaking up the day into 3 meals and 3 snacks is the easy part; it’s getting the right nutrients within the set parameters that I’ve set that is proving to be a challenge.

Open RNY Gastric Bypass: 10/22/2002
Highest Weight: 356
Weight at Surgery: 306
Lowest Weight: 156
Highest Recorded Weight Gain: 238
Weight on 05/29/2011: 224
Weight on 05/30/2011: 221.8
Weight on 05/31/2011: 221.4
Weight on 06/01/2011:  219.8
Weight on 06/02/2011:  219.8
Weight on 06/03/2011:  213.8
Weight on 06/04/2011: 212.8

Personal              Actual 06/02                       Actual 06/03
Calories:              1301                       1389                                    1231
Protein:               >80 grams            109.1 grams                       76.4 grams
Total Carbs:        <100 grams         100.3 grams                        102.9 grams
Net Carbs:           <70 grams           85 grams                             81.8 grams
Sugars:                 20 grams             30.2 grams                           30.9 grams

Let’s talk about nutrition for a second. If you’ve been following along, you should notice a slight change; my goals have been evolving through this short process. I’m trying to listen to my body and make decisions based on how I feel.

 In 2004 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Since then, as many of us post-ops have experienced, my blood work started showing deficiencies, mostly in Iron and Vitamin D.  Many of the symptoms of Iron and Vitamin D deficiencies actually mimic the widespread pain and fatigue, the basic flu-like symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Too many carbohydrates also cause extreme pain, especially in my hips and legs. Even though I have lost 11.2 lbs since Sunday instead of feeling better, I am actually feeling worse. I realize that 11 lbs is a lot and I expect that to level off soon, maybe even plateau for a few days. I’m hoping my body is just reacting to the weight loss and the pain will subside soon as well. My fear is that I am eating too much or too little of something that is causing the pain. Having a nutritionist familiar with Weight Loss Surgery would be fabulous right about now. Unfortunately that is not available to me yet so I have to rely on The Interweb for research and information. No two theories are the same and it’s hard to know which theory to take to heart. I have a Multivitamin, Calcium, Iron, B-12 sublingual, and Vitamin D that I should be taking daily but I rarely do.

Of course, this could just be a normal Fibromyalgia Flare-up and not related to the food changes and weight loss. How do I know? All I know to do is to find an eating plan that allows me to continue to lose weight and reduce my pain level. That is the ultimate goal in this; healthy and pain free. There are many situations in my life that I cannot control, what I eat is not one of them.

Stay tuned to tomorrow for a Week 1 Roundup. Oh and by the way… I’VE LOST 11.2 LBS SO FAR!!!  :-)

Happy Saturday

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